We are an experienced plastic container manufacturer in China. The factory is located in Pingshan High-tech Zone, Shenzhen, China. Since its establishment in 2008, we have rapidly grown into an excellent company in the manufacture of PET packaging containers and blow molds. The packaging solutions and products we provide are widely used in beauty cosmetics, hotel daily chemicals, medicines and health products, household cleaning products and festivals. Gifts and other industries.


With a wide range of highly sophisticated machines and molds, we provide quality solutions for every packaging project. Our rich experience is the guarantee of high-quality products and services. The capable team ensures that we can respond quickly and deliver. In 2019, we also opened a second production base in Huizhou, China, which greatly increased our production capacity.


In today's world where environmental pollution and ecological destruction are increasing, Hanhui has also introduced a new renewable biodegradable material NatureWorks® PLA (polylactide POLYLACTIDE) in recent years to make packaging containers, which is a kind of rapid degradation Polymer bio-based resin. We can apply this in almost any PET bottle type listed in our catalog Green and environmentally friendly PLA material.


At present, our production capacity includes high-quality injection blow molding (IBM), injection stretch blow molding (ISBM) and extrusion blow molding (EBM). There are 150 employees and 30 sets of various automatic and customized injection blow molding equipment. The annual production capacity of general containers is nearly 200 million. By 2019, we have served more than 150 customers worldwide. Bring higher added value to their products and brands. Providing high-quality packaging solutions and products to achieve customer brand value is what we are doing every year and every day with happiness and passion.


If you are interested in packaging recycling, we can recycle post-consumer resin (PCR) into new bottles and cans to help you achieve your sustainable packaging goals. Hanhui only uses FDA-approved post-consumer resins (PCR). They can be safely used for food and skin contact in single-layer applications. We can produce various packaging containers with up to 100% PCR content.


The company's philosophy has remained unchanged for twelve years: to achieve customers, yearning for beauty!